Found in Translation How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World5stars



Not Lost but FOUND In Translation!

By Nataly Kelly & Jost Zetzsche

Perigee Trade, 16.00, 288 pages

Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche have written a fascinating book about the importance of language and translation. From the medical field to politics and war, through entertainment, business, and social media, Kelly and Zetzsche show through real life stories and anecdotes just how transforming language really is.

After the first chapter you will begin to gain new perspectives into the world and the people around us, and how crucial it is to interpret a language correctly. As you continue reading, you will also start to look at yourself and begin thinking about your own role with language. You will also notice how language and translation are taken for granted in our everyday lives. If you love experiencing an engaging read, exploring new things, and having your mind stimulated, then don’t wait a second more! Read Found in Translation, and you may even find yourself transformed at the end of it.

Reviewed by Courtney New

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