Heaven or Hell4stars



Take a Journey Through Heaven and Hell

By Roni Teson

Balboa Press, $20.99, 317 pages

Heaven or Hell tells the interweaving stories of Joe Torres, an alcoholism counselor on Skid Row in Los Angeles; and his daughter Teresa, an obsessive-compulsive soap store owner trying to keep control of her life. It is also the story of Angel, a being traveling outside of time, continually drawn to Teresa’s life. What transpires in the story is the struggle we all go through to find redemption and solace in lives we can never seem to quite control.

There are many good qualities to this book. An original story and believable, flawed characters make this story great. But what really sets it apart is the writing’s pacing. From the beginning the reader is pulled in and interested in what is happening. The author doesn’t take the time to explain things, because she doesn’t need to. Through deliberate dialogue and inner monologue, the story and setting are explained without ever having to slow the story down.

Heaven or Hell  is a fantastic story about life’s journey, and the process of acceptance we all go through.

Reviewed By Andrew Keyser

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