photoMy Only Valentine By Mel Moet

If we could become Valentines,
No better friendship would we find.

We would never again feel so all alone.
Lost in a world on our own.

Our broken hearts could then heal.
Making our love stronger than steel.

Oh! We could have such a happy life.
Full of love, free from strife.

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow old together?
And snuggle close in stormy weather.

Just think of all the memories we’d share.
With that special someone who really cares.

So what do you say,
My Valentine
On this special day
Won’t you be mine?

Why Am I

Sometimes I wonder why am I
Why am I here  my spirit cries?
Why am I still alive?
Unlike the others who’ve shared my life.
Why am i?
Why am I?

Melmoet 2/24