Kinsmen A Nameless Detective Novella3 star



A Nameless Detective Novella

By Bill Pronzini

Cemetery Dance Publications, $19.99, 185 pages

A student at the University of Oregon in Eugene left campus to visit her mother in the San Francisco area. She never arrived. The panicked mother hired a private detective to search for her. The investigation takes the Nameless Detective to the rural and forested northeast corner of California and the tiny village of Creekside. Most of the people he meets there are hostile and unwilling to cooperate. They claim they do not know of the whereabouts of the missing girl and her boyfriend. The suspense builds as he runs afoul of a group of heavily armed white supremacists who have a compound in the woods near the village.

Bill Pronzini has published 77 novels in his long career. Of those, 36 are the very popular Nameless Detective series. His numerous awards include the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master, presented in 2008, and three Shamuses and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America.

Like all of the Nameless Detective novellas Kinsmen is an immensely enjoyable journey. The story is engrossing, suspenseful, and populated with a cast of interesting characters.

Reviewed By Fran  Byram

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