love in a nutshell4stars




By Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly

St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 8.99, 342 pages

Strong-headed Kate Appleton has just been fired from her job at a local brewery. She then marches herself right into Matt Culhane’s business, and his life, demanding a job. Impressed and intrigued with Kate, Matt hires her to spy on his employees to find a mysterious saboteur who has been lurking in his company. Kate desperately clings to her dream of opening a bed & breakfast at her parent’s house that they fondly call ‘The Nutshell,’ and in her state of financial crisis, Kate hardens herself against dating. However, as Kate and Matt begin to work closely together, an ensuing romance unfolds even as the pair resists fate.

Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly make a compatible duo in this equal-parts romance and mystery novel. Together, the two authors create witty characters, which make for a pleasant read. While not the most complex plot and characters, the story is a fun and easy read. The authors spend quite a bit of time building up the mystery aspect of the novel and end it with a flourish, while the romance aspect happens quickly. The combination of genres makes Love in a Nutshell much more likeable than if it were one or the other.

Reviewed By Lindy Gervin

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