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Pointless Meeting Reduced in this Handy Guide

By Martin Murphy

Amacom, 17.95, 240 pages

We have all attended meetings where we wonder, “Why am I here?” and, ”When will this meeting end?” In this book, author Martin Murphy attempts to make meetings much more productive. His primary premise is to separate the content from the facilitation task: the facilitator should not get involved in the content in any way. Murphy also delivers three different meeting scenarios: issue management, innovation, and problem solving. If the goal of the meeting is determined first and put in one of these three buckets, it will lead to a much more productive and focused session. This book offers a lot of examples, scenarios and case studies, which bring Murphy’s points alive. It is filled with ideas, exercises and tasks to implement at your next meeting. Clearly Murphy has facilitated numerous meetings. His examples demonstrate his points, and he basically handholds the reader into understanding his methodology. He has several “call out” boxes to emphasize key points and a comprehensive index to reference throughout the meeting planning process.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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