One Moment in Eternity - Human Evolution2stars



A Good Heads-Up

By Eugene Minard, MD

Trafford Publishing, $25.50, 294 pages

Books on human history detailing the various organizations always have the potential to go awry. One Moment in Eternity – Human Evolution explores human history analyzing the forces that have shaped it looking for the next stage in human evolution. It explores the major religions, as well as some of the cabals behind the scenes. It also explores some of the potential problems mankind faces, expecting to head them off and look for commonalities. This is a very thorough book in exploring human history.

Depending on the reader, there are a number of issues with this book. It’s a great one for those looking for general research, but there are some formatting issues that are questionable, such as the section on reader’s conclusions and footnotes per section that make the reading more difficult. There is little conclusion reached regarding what the phase of human evolution will be. Also, the text is presented as if it were more of a thesis and less of a book for general readership; there are too many facts and not enough conclusions from those facts presented.

For someone looking for a good history, this book is an interesting read. It covers a lot of territory, albeit in rather shallow detail, making for a good refresher of history. There is a lot of great information here, and the links presented should make for an interesting weekend of research. For someone trying to catalog the various shadow groups this is an excellent start and should provide for the basis of some new avenues of research. Although this is a book you should debate buying, those that do buy it will be well-served by it, especially if they are into conspiracy theories.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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