Rocket English Grammar4stars



Practical and Comprehensive English Grammar Workbook

By Carl W. Hart

Two Harbors Press, $26.99, 259 pages

Carl Hart’s Rocket English Grammar is divided into 20 units for the person that wants to learn English grammar in a self-directed manner. This book is designed to be used in multiple ways: in the formal classroom, as a self-paced learning guide or as a supplement to an English class. Each unit is comprehensive beginning with a lesson, the some items to remember in a bulleted list and finally some practice questions. Topics range from nouns and pronouns to gerunds to adjective clauses. In other words, this is not a simplistic book, but instead tackles those tricky and pesky English grammar language nuances. The appendix includes a list of irregular verbs and an answer key to the numerous practice activities in each unit. Rocket English Grammar is not for the faint of heart; this is a book for someone serious about learning proper English grammar. The plentiful examples, things to remember and exhaustive practice with aid anyone focused on truly learning English grammar. As a matter of fact, native English speakers could use this book to practice and understand all that grammar their English teacher so desperately tried to teach them in high school!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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