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Pretty little liar

By Vickie Hall
CreateSpace, $9.99, 392 pages

Bonnie flees from San Diego, two months before VE Day, hoping to leave her secrets behind. She takes the first bus out of town, headed toward Omaha, hoping to disappear and start over.

Bonnie is a pathological liar. She lies to her friends, to her employer, and to strangers. She is so frightened by her childhood and by what she has done that she cannot trust anyone. Bonnie uses lies to protect herself emotionally. Lying prevents people, especially men, from getting too close. Unfortunately, Bonnie is beautiful, charming, and magnetic to every man she meets.

Bonnie eventually learns what it is like to be a part of a loving family and that she deserves to be loved. She learns that she cannot hide from her past and that she must face the consequences.

This novel is a quick read, one part mystery and one part romance. At first Bonnie is not very likable because of her constant lies, but her flashbacks provide insight into her mentality, revealing her to be worthy of empathy. I began to hope that everything would end up perfect for Bonnie, and then I was completely shocked by the last twenty-five pages of the novel. The conclusion is well worth waiting for in this story!

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