So Damn Lucky3 star




By Deborah Coonts

Forge Books, 24.99, 381 pages

In So Damn Lucky, heroine Lucky O’Toole is a Las Vegas casino owner who investigates the mysterious death of magician Dmitri Fortunoff, which occurred during a show, and the subsequent disappearance of his body. In between, she runs her casino and her complex personal life. If that were not enough, she also investigates a sinister program at a nearby, now defunct Air Force project that seems somehow related to UFO sightings and the missing magician.

The missing magician material, along with one or two subplots, would be enough, but there are so many characters and plot threads in this book that I gave up on keeping them straight. The author also constructs some odd sentences, such as when Lucky confronts a villain with evidence: “Both you and Dmitri are Ukrainian, and you called him Dimchka – a term of endearment used mainly for relatives or family. Which is it?” It’s a sentence that leaves me wondering if I am indeed a native speaker of English – aren’t “relatives” and “family” the same? And when did Lucky suddenly develop this knowledge of Ukrainian culture? As with everything in the book, it’s over the top – like Las Vegas.

Reviewed By Stacia Levy

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