Sugar in My Bowl4stars



Women Authors Confirm That Sex Happens!

Edited by Erica Jong

ECCO, 14.99, 256 pages

Sugar in my Bowl: Real Women Write About Real Sex is an anthology edited by Erica Jong, author of feminist tome, Fear of Flying. In this anthology of twenty-nine women writers, the discussion of sex ranges from necking on double dates in the fifties to octogenarian sex, and much in between—though not everything in between. Although the variety of experience indubitably varies, the majority of writing is from straight white women of middle-to-upper crust strata. There is mention of threesomes or flings with other women, though these are mostly treated as opportunities for giggling and shock value, the exception being Rebecca Walker’s essay “The Man in Question”. However, the beauty of an anthology is that if you don’t like one essay, it’ll be over soon. Readers will appreciate most how the anthology normalizes writing about sex and female sexuality. Nothing written in this collection is a newsflash or a one-handed read, but what readers will find are several dozen accounts—both fiction and non-fiction—all well-written about women’s sex lives, to varying degrees of juicy disclosure.

Reviewed By Giovanna Marcus

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