Summer Breeze- A Novel4stars



Wistful For Summer 

By Nancy Thayer

Ballantine Books, 26.00, 320 pages

Nancy Thayer’s latest book Summer Breeze is the perfect summer novel. In this easy read you meet Morgan, an unfulfilled career woman that has switched to being a stay-at-home mom, Natalie, an artist looking for validation of her artwork, and Bella, a teacher that leaves her job to return to her family home to help out. The three women form a friendship and support system, but never truly verbalize their fears and desires. To complicate matters, several love interests enter the story.

This book is about figuring out what you really want, going after it, and being comfortable that you made the right decision. Morgan wants to feel the rewards of a career again while Josh, her husband, feels the weight of providing for his family. Bella has a dream to turn around her mom’s fledgling business, but worries she will hurt her mom’s feelings, and Natalie wants love and validation. Readers will see themselves and their friends in Thayer’s characters, and although this book might mimic real life, you will be immersed in someone else’s struggles and aspirations, if only for a little while.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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