The Hunt5stars



A Unique Society of Blood Drinkers and Flesh Eaters

By  Andrew Fukuda

St. Martin’s Griffin, 17.99, 296 pages

This is a unique and gripping tale of one human trying to live among the world of vampires. Andrew Fukuda’s vampires are not the simple blood drinkers of old or the enchanting beauties of late. They don’t just drink blood; they eat flesh, too. This author has created a truly unique society where horse-drawn carriages are favored over automobiles, but each child had a desk-screen computer. The contrast between the two technologies is stark. However, what makes this book truly unique is the societal aspect. The vampires do not smile or sweat. They scratch their wrists when amused and crack their necks and knuckles when excited. They also sleep upside-down using sleep holds.

“Never forget to shave. Get enough sleep to avoid bloodshot eyes. Never forget to whiten your teeth every morning before you leave. And wash every day; body odor is the most dangerous–”

The main character, Gene, is simply trying to survive as a human or ‘heper,’ the term that vampires use for humans. Things become complicated when he wins the lottery for the heper hunt. He is taken away from his deodorant, razor, teeth whitener, and everything else he needs to keep up his facade. He is one of seven winners. Throughout their training, he finds an unexpected ally and improvises to survive. ||This book is a jewel hidden in the literary world. This reviewer would recommend The Hunt to anyone who enjoys vampire stories, an intriguing change of pace, or dystopian-type books. Readers will look forward to a sequel based on the ambiguous yet fulfilling ending.

Reviewed by Jina Oravetz

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