The James Bond Omnibus 0044stars



James Bond’s Adventures in Comic Strip Form

By Ian Fleming

Titan Books, $19.95, 288 pages

If you are a fan of James Bond and comic strips, you will love the fourth installment of The James Bond Omnibus 004. This collection of nine missions is sure to entertain you with its thrilling and dangerous story lines. The stories are just as action-packed as the movies and include titles such as “Trouble Spot”, “The Girl Machine”, “Beware of Butterflies”, “Die With My Boots On”, and “The Phoenix Project”.

The comic strips are detailed and drawn in black and white. The stories follow Bond and he searches for the bad guy and, of course, cavorts with several ladies along the way. As James Bond fans would expect, there are weapons, fighting and intrigue. I would have liked the pictures to be a bit larger and some color would have been nice, too. But for the true James Bond aficionado, nine action-packed stories will entertain, thrill and engage the reader for hours.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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