The Madman's Daughter5stars



Engrossingly Addictive

By Megan Shepherd

Balzer + Bray, $17.99, 316 pages

Juliet Moreau falls from grace, but attempts to deal with the aftermath of scandal that ripped her world apart. Juliet is tempted to find answers to questions that haunt her, but it isn’t until she is forced to run from London that she decides to follow Montgomery, the boy who is like a son to her absentee father.

“Get off this island,” I told myself. “Then sort out the messes of our lives.”

Montgomery leads her to a tiny island where the mad Dr. Moreau runs his experiments in isolation, but the screams from the lab and the bodies piling up push Juliet to her limits. There is something strange hurting the islanders and Juliet isn’t safe even inside the compound walls. The next ship might not pass the island for another year. With nowhere to run, Juliet questions her loyalties, her own mind for the curiosity it has, and the love she thought still existed between her and her father.

Never slow, the only drawback to this thought-provoking novel is Juliet’s constant wallowing. The chemistry is tangible with some very passionate scenes intertwined in this thrilling mystery and the a shocking finale will have readers in constant suspense.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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