The Rock of Ivanore  Book One of the Celestine Chronicles3 star



A Bland Fantasy Novel

By Laurisa White Reyes

Tanglewood, 16.95, 356 pages

Marcus Frye is excited to turn fourteen. It’s a big event in his village of Quendel for every boy, as it is the time of the Great Quest. Each boy is given a mission which will determine their future roles within in the village. Marcus, an orphan raised by the wizard Zyll, is determined to prove his worth to the village and to Zyll. He sets off with the other boys to find the Rock of Ivanore, a mystical rock with an unknown location. During the journey, he learns more about the rock, himself and his destiny than he ever thought possible.

The Rock of Ivanore is the debut novel by Laurisa White Reyes and it is a fine book. And that’s where the problem is: there is nothing really new or original or interesting about the plot or characters. Marcus goes through the typical issues of chronic self-doubt and determination to prove himself. The supporting characters of the other boys range from the usual weasel to the nice klutz to the older leader of the group. Preteen audiences will likely enjoy this book but anyone familiar with the fantasy genre should skip it – you’ve read it before.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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