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Vanishing Acts Revealed

By Phillip Margolin & Ami Margolin Rome

Harper, $16.99, 170 pages

Madison Kincaid is a pessimistic and precocious twelve-year old girl. Her mother died when she was young and she lives with her prominent defense attorney father in SW Portland. Set in a Southwest Portland neighborhood, Madison views the world in a more sinister light than her peers. She questions the motivations and actions of others. When her best friend, Ann doesn’t come back to school from summer break, she suspects foul play. Then, she finds out her second grade teacher may have been murdered and her father is defending the suspected killer.

This cleverly devised mystery will grab you as quickly as Agatha Christie captured the hearts of millions. New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin and his daughter Ami Margolin Rome teamed up to write this debut tween novel. Madison loves to play soccer and finds she’s very good at it and, she doesn’t apologize or shy away from who she is. These two things brilliantly stand out as you ride along with Madison on her quest to find the truth about her best friend and her second grade teacher. Young readers will enjoy this book and find commonality in the characters. With all of this and Portland as the backdrop, this book will be a winner!

Reviewed By Chris Johnson

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