Where's Waldo NowThe 25th Anniversary Edition5stars



Waldo at his Best!

By Martin Handford

Candlewick Press, 16.99, 32 pages

Waldo fans will be excited to explore the 25th (yes, 25th) anniversary edition of Where’s Waldo Now?. This edition is full of fascinating features. The book jacket can be turned over to reveal a poster of Woof, and the reader is challenged to find the differences between the book jacket and the book cover. Even the cover jacket of this book contains a checklist with more things to find. Examine each page to find Waldo and his friends in a different time period. Search through scenes from ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, the Vikings, the Middle Ages, the Aztecs, old Japan, pirates, the Gold Rush, and space travel. Every page has a flap with a checklist to direct the reader to search for additional items. Where’s Waldo Now is not for the faint of heart because once you start searching, there is no stopping. The detail, as always, is amazing, and the added extras – including the checklists, poster and additional searching games – make this book a keeper!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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