Whose Toes Are Those?5stars



Get to Know Your Toes

By Sally Symes, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Candlewick Press, $7.99

Every baby should have a great board book library because early readers become life long book lovers. Author Sally Symes and illustrator Nick Sharratt have collaborated to create a perfect book to add to a little one’s library. Whose Toes are Those? is a fun and entertaining lift-the-flap book that preschoolers will flip over. Each page features an animal who has a tail, nose and toes. An object relevant to the animal covers the body so baby can guess who is underneath. Yellow cheese covers the white mouse. A dog house covers the brown dog and jungle trees cover the gray hippo. Body parts like a long tail and a nose with whiskers are clues that will help youngsters guess the animal. Repetitive questions (Whose tail? Whose toes? Whose nose?) reinforce concepts and will make it easy for babies to participate in “reading” the story. The flaps are far from flimsy and will withstand much use. A surprise ending will excite readers. Here is a clue…whose fingers are those? This charming book is sure to keep even the littlest readers guessing.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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