Young House Love 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love5stars



A Must Must Have for DIY Wannabes

By Sherry & John Petersik

Artisan Books, 25.95, 338 pages

“We loved the idea of tossing out a ton of suggestions for others who are feeling stuck or uninspired or just plain overwhelmed with the state of their home.”

Want to remodel, personalize or make your home really feel like home? Sherry and John Petersik wanted to do all three when they moved into their first home in 2006. Problem – they didn’t know the first thing about DIYing. Fast forward a few years and they have learnt enough on the job to redo their entire house, start a DIY blog and even move on to their next home. In their book, the couple shares 243 creative, exciting and not-so-scary ways to “show your home some love”, from spiffing up an old brass chandelier to making napkin pillowcase covers. Some ideas are actual projects, like creating 3D art with tissue paper and some are just suggestions that readers are encouraged to have fun with and make their own, like swapping drab doorknobs for something with more panache. All ideas as rated by price (most are very budget friendly), time needed (average is on the short side) and sweat involved (many are sweat free!) The ideas don’t require great skill, expertise, bravery or fancy tools. The photos are beautiful and the text is almost too hilarious to take seriously. Above all, this is a non-threatening, hugely encouraging push to get crafting!

Reviewed By Andrea Klein

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