Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast (National Poetry Series)5stars



A must have, Short Collection of Poems

By Hannah Gamble

Fence Books, $15.95, 68 pages

In this short collection of poems (one of the five that is part of the National Poetry Series) we explore the world of growing old and starting young. Hannah Gamble takes the reader on a lyrical journey through life, expectations, and what it means to actually live. The vast majority of her poems are easy to follow, with only a few going down a more disjointed path. Mrs. Gamble covers a wide range of topics, but the ones that appear the most are the ones about older family members, young children, and the possibility of missing one’s calling in life. The poems are short, and are stand alone. She combines the title with the body of the poem, so no need to utterly ignore the title of the poems. Ms. Gamble weaves a picture of life that is changing, even if you are not changing with it.

Even though this is a small book, the poems are impressive. I can see why this was one of the five chosen to be published. This is a book that can be read and enjoyed time and again.

Reviewed By Kevin Winter

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