A Small Hill to Die On A Penny Brannigan Mystery4stars



An Enjoyable and Pleasant Mystery

By Elizabeth J. Duncan

Minotaur Books, $24.99, 259 pages

Penny Brannigan is settling into life as the co-owner of the Llanelen’s spa and into a romance with Gareth Davies, the local police inspector. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Penny and her life turns upside down after she discovers the body of Ashlee, the daughter of a new business competitor. Penny’s boyfriend tries to keep her from investigating but Penny can’t help herself – as she uncovers clues, she finds the key to not one but two murders in the village.

A Small Hill to Die On is an extremely pleasant tea cozy mystery by author Elizabeth J. Duncan, and the latest in the Penny Brannigan mystery series. The village she has created is charming with a mix of odd and quirky characters. The main character is nicely written and is smart and engaging to the reader. The mystery unfolds nicely and logically and the plot is well-paced throughout the book. Fans of Penny Brannigan will enjoy this latest mystery and new readers will enjoy her adventures as well.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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