Ballet Beautiful Transform Your Body and Gain the Strength, Grace, and Focus of a Ballet Dancer4.5stars



A Lifestyle Approach to Fitness

By Mary Helen Bowers

Da Capo Press, $20.00, 251 pages

Look no further; Ballet Beautiful is every woman’s ultimate guide for learning how to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle, from fitness to food to philosophy. Author Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina and former NYC Ballet dancer and her approach to healthy living has been honed over many years and through much trial and error, as she candidly describes in her book. The Ballet Beautiful method is a system of balletic exercises designed to create a dancer’s physique. Along with the exercises comes a mindset focused on balance, goal-setting and positivity, as well as a food plan, which emphasizes whole foods. Bowers is motivational and inspiring, pushing readers to set high goals for their fitness and health. Though the Ballet Beautiful training is based on ballet, no dance experience is required as there is no dancing involved. Ballet Beautiful is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels; the exercises are low-impact and don’t require equipment. Included in the book is a 60 minute full-body routine plus 15-minute “blasts” that target specific areas. In the food section, Bowers provides menu samples and recipes. Unerringly realistic, Bowers is that rare proponent of balance amid extreme yet popular fitness and health ideas.

“To achieve lasting success and happiness in anything you are doing, to stay grounded, focused and confident, finding balance is a must.”

Reviewed By Andrea Klein

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