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A Bloody Good Read

By Robert J. Ray

Camel Press, $14.95, 230 pages

One night after attending a decadent party in Laguna Beach, aspiring actress Gayla Jean Kirkwood and her Latin actor love interest are murdered. The only person with photographic evidence of the crime, Ellis Dean, fears that the men who took Gayla Jean’s life will take his as well. So, who can he turn to in his time of need? None other than weapons expert and private investigator Matt Murdock. In Bloody Murdock, the titular detective finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery rife with danger, intrigue, and a few beautiful women.

There is a great deal to enjoy in Bloody Murdock, especially for readers who crave quality craft in their mystery novels. Murdock is characterized very well and the level of expertise he demonstrates with all the tools of his gumshoe trade reveal just how much time and research author Robert J. Ray put in to composing the narrative. There are moments of suspense, terror, and even disgust throughout this novel handled skillfully with great descriptive language and smart, believable dialogue. There is no question that Bloody Murdock is indeed a bloody good read.

Reviewed by Michael Albani

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