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See It! Find It!

BY Walter Wick

Scholastic, 13.99, 32 pages

Readers of the I Spy books will love Walter Wick’s Can You See What I See? series, particularly this Out of This World version. Wick uses his photographic talents and imaginative skill to combine the world of an old-fashioned fairy princess with the futuristic realm of a space robot. The impossible becomes possible through commonalities – a princess viewing the future through her crystal ball meets a time-traveling robot intent on the past; a star-gazing princess spots a robot in the heavens. Scenes merge in rich tableaux until a very recognizable final scene brings the images home. Like most picture books, this one will require parent and child to read together at first, due to complex vocabulary. Parents will need to explain words like tapestry, scorpion, Aladdin’s lamp and celestial lace to aid a child in searching for these objects. Colorful, imaginative, and engaging, young readers will enjoy seeing what the author sees.

Reviewed by Lisa Ard

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