Curveball A Cat McDaniel Mystery4stars



A Saucy, Mysterious, and Pleasurable Read

By Jen Estes

Camel Press, $15.95, 302 pages

Author Jen Estes has created another Cat McDaniel mystery. It’s, of course, a mystery and there is actually a dead body. But, this novel is more about baseball; namely what happens in the training camps in San Domingo and the business end of baseball.

When Cat applied for the job as team writer, she actually got it but the caveat is she is supposed to blog for the team during the winter but she was to babysit for a rich man’s spoiled daughter. Paige and Cat have very different personalities and the clashes are many. Sometimes Cat “borrows” Paige’s clothes that are very expensive, like say Gucci and Dona Karan. There also a coast to coast love interest for Cat and well, Paige dates everybody that moves.

The ending comes as quite a surprise but then you will say to yourself that “I should have known that”. Estes creates a lot of mystery and intrigue within the pages of this novel. This is more than a novel about sports; Curveball is so much more than that.

Reviewed by Hazel Westly

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