Duck & Goose Goose Needs a Hug5stars



A Hug Means Love

By Tad Hills

Schwartz & Wade Books, $6.99, 18 pages

Little readers can rejoice! There favorite feathered friends are back as the stars of a darling new board book. Tad Hills brings his beloved duck and goose back in Goose Needs a Hug. Duck and Goose are the best of friends. Today Goose is feeling sad. He needs a hug to feel better. But when he tries to tell his buddies, they don’t exactly listen. They suggest all kinds of things to cheer Goose up. They could play hide-and-seek or tag. They could splash in puddles, sing, or stand on their heads. Each time they try to make Goose happy, Goose tries to tell them what he actually needs. Find out what his friends say when they finally realize what Goose needs. This is a great story to teach the importance of listening. It also shows that it is ok to ask for hugs and love from friends. The illustrations are colorful, simple and perfect for little eyes. The board book will last a long time and is guaranteed to become a favorite pick in the family library.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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