Ever After5stars



Rachel’s Next Adventure

By Kim Harrison

Harper Voyager, $27.99, 435 pages

Former witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan knows that the ever-after is shrinking. This demonic realm parallels the human world. If it disappears, magic will no longer exist. The demon community has given Rachel only a few days to fix the corrupted ley lines before her life becomes forfeit. Luckily she has a huge group of friends to support her. But one by one they are kidnapped. Who is responsible? Is Rachel’s crazed ex-boyfriend Nick to blame? Or has the soul eating demon Ku’Sox returned for revenge? With the culprit unknown, Rachel is left alone to face death, battle demons, rescue her loved ones and prevent a magical apocalypse…all in a few days. Bestselling author Kim Harrison has created another urban fantasy masterpiece with Ever After, the eleventh entry in the fantastic Hollows series. Readers new to the books should start with Dead Witch Walking, Harrison’s first book. Returning fans will appreciate that Harrison doesn’t waste time with lots of review. Jump right in to new adventures with Rachel, Trent, Jenks, Ivy, Bis, Quen, Ceri, Al, Newt and more series favorites. Harrison challenges her characters and adds new dimensions to their backgrounds and personalities. Readers will not be disappointed with this latest installment chronicling Rachel’s amazing life.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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