Goodnight, Me5stars



One Sleepy Orangutan

By Andrew Daddo, Illustrated by Emma Quay

Bloomsbury Children’s Books, $6.99, 32 pages

How do you get your little one to go to sleep each night? Do they have a special ritual that they must go through in order to close their eyes? Are you a parent looking for a relaxing book that will help create a gentle routine for your tired tot? Andrew Daddo’s book, Goodnight, Me, is just the book to add to your nighttime reading repertoire. A sweet baby orangutan is ready for bed, but it is going to take awhile for him to say goodnight to each and every part of his body that are wound up from an exciting day. He thanks his feet for running him around and thanks his knees for holding his legs together. He tells his legs to calm down because there is a lot of jumping in store tomorrow. Can he get the rest of his body to relax? Emma Quay’s illustrations are calming and beautiful. Created with pencil, acrylic paints and watercolors, the book’s artwork brings the tiny orangutan to life and will warm the hearts of all readers. Soothing pastel colors are easy on tired eyes. This loving goodnight book will make a charming addition to your library.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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