Grammar The Structure of Language2.5stars



A Short Explanation of English Grammar

By Rachel Grenon

Walker Books, $12.00, 58 pages

Grammar: The Structure of Language by Rachel Grenon is a short, quick read, explaining the basic grammar of history. First Grenon walks us through a short history, explaining how alphabets came into being and then the evolution of languages—English in particular. She then breaks down the English language, giving definitions of each part of the written English language.

While Grenon’s work offers nothing new, she does explain the basics of English concisely and without any frills. She offers a lot of illustrations, some of which make more sense than others, and quotations that help illustrate every term that she works to define. Grammar, by nature, can be boring and unfortunately the opening of this book seems to follow this trend, and only towards the end does the writing begin to shake of the boredom and reflect a sense of passion. Albeit boring, it is a good, quick reference if anyone is interested in looking up the basics without having to consult a larger, maybe more respected tome.

Reviewed by Nicole Green

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