Huggy Kissy4stars



Cute Hugs and Kisses

By Leslie Patricelli

Candlewick Press, $6.99, 28 pages

Leslie Patricelli’s board book Huggy Kissy is a heartwarming story showing all the ways that Baby gets hugs and kisses. Mommy kisses all of Baby’s toes and Daddy kisses Baby’s tummy. Baby gets kisses when he cries and hugs when there are goodbyes. He can hug his cat and get dog kisses with his nose. Even Grandma and Grandpa have their own special way to hug and kiss. The story ends with all sorts of different hugs and kisses such as a bear hug and an Eskimo kiss.

The book rhymes in places and has delightful, bright drawings to go along with the simple storyline. Your baby will be mesmerized by the funny pictures that probably mimic how he gets hugs and kisses. This book is a great follow-along, as the reader can replicate the actions in the story.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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