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Cuddle Up and Read This Book on a Cold Winter Night

By Tess Gerritsen

Ballantine Books, $27.00, 338 pages

Rizzoli and Isles are at it again. Dr. Gerritsen has created a book where there are so many changes that you get whiplash. Then you wonder why you were surprised. There is also a love interest to keep things popping.

“For the second time in his short life, Teddy Clock has survived a massacre.  Two years ago he barely escaped the murder of his entire family. Now at 14 his is the sole survivor of his foster family’s mass murder”

Strange and bad things are happening to children and then the children vanish. This gives Rizzoli and Isles a chance to travel up and down the Eastern seaboard searching for the children and finding out what happened. The ending will come as a surprise to you but then again it shouldn’t. ||As the case develops you are led in many directions and learn some surprising things. It takes quite a while to find these children and try to protect them. ||This is a thoroughly enjoyable book so cuddle up and read.

Reviewed by Hazel Westly

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