Edited by Nancy Rekow & Chaya Siegelbaum, Illustrated by Elizabeth Hutchison Zwick

NW Trillium Press, $13.00, 32 pages

Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens is a delightful book for the contemporary urban chicken-raiser. This book is filled with the charm and nostalgia of raising chickens, while providing practical advice and direction that remains relevant to a contemporary population. As a resident in a very suburban location, I have thought about raising my own chickens in my back yard. This book allows the reader to envision life back on the farm, tending to your back yard while your happy chickens handle garden pests, fluffing your garden dirt, and of course, providing you with a regular supply of eggs.

In addition to the strong advice allowing a beginner to enter the world of raising chickens, the book also features hand-illustrations, tidbits of information and material to bring levity and humor. This book offers a kind and natural approach that bolsters the confidence of someone just starting out in the world of raising chickens, while providing valuable information that clearly comes from the voice of experience.

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