Murder of Crows Book One of the Pillars of Dawn5stars



Murder of Crows will keep you up all night

By Athena

CreateSpace, $14.00, 400 pages

Murder of Crows is the kind of book people genuinely enjoy reading. It’s fun, the characters are endearing, and the story never lulls. This book tells the story of Fable Montgomery, recent college graduate whose love life, career, and family are all falling apart. When her aunt passes away Fable must travel to Portland, Oregon to take care of her estate. Once there she is thrown into a world of her own imagination; discovering that all her childhood pretendings were real and her aunt had died to keep it all secret. Then Fable discovers she is the muse of story, one of the nine muses that keep the world in creative balance; and she must place her life in the hands of her childhood imaginary friends.

Pinpointing the reason this book is so good is difficult. It is one of those books that everything flows together seamlessly and nothing ever feels forced. The characters all feel real, like they are just friends chatting with you over a cup of coffee. It isn’t just the characters though. The story flows perfectly, just when the reader thinks they know the direction it’s headed, author Athena turns everything on its head.

There are so many fantastic aspects to this book that it would be shame for anyone to miss it. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Murder of Crows. This reviewer is anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Reviewed by Andrew Keyser

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