A Riveting Sci-Fi Thriller

By Ramez Naam

Angry Robot, $14.99, 464 pages

The year is 2040 and scientist Kade Lane and his group of friends are working on improving the most recent drug to hit the market:  Nexus.  Designed to link human minds together, the drug has been outlawed yet is still in use. When Kade is caught by government agent Samantha Cataranes, he makes a deal and agrees to act as a spy at a rival lab in China. Soon he is plunged into a world of intrigue and assassins and must decide who, if anyone, he can trust and find a way to keep Nexus out of government hands – especially his own.

Nexus is a thrilling book by author Ramez Naam. The future he has created in the book is one that is full of possibilities, both positive and disastrous. In the character of Kade, he has not only a hero but the moral center of the book. His questions of morality and scientific ethics make the book not only interesting as a thriller but as a piece on the benefits and drawbacks of scientific advancements. Sam’s certainty of what is right serves as a nice counterpoint to Kade. This is a fantastic novel that sci-fi fans must read.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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