This Book Will Worm Its Way into Your Heart

By Andy Runton

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

When Owly receives a new telescope in the mail, he and his best friend Wormy make big plans. They dream of seeing the bright stars that night, but something is wrong! Wormy is afraid of the dark! Owly helps his friend by bringing out a lantern. Now they are ready. But when Wormy peers through the telescope’s lens, all he can see are leaves! Together Owly and Wormy discover that they must climb to higher ground in order to see the night sky. The next day they set out and, after a nice picnic, it is time for stargazing. But it begins to rain! A dark cave provides shelter, but what is that scary noise? Find out what happens when you read Owly & Wormy: Bright Lights and Starry Nights! by Andy Runton. If they are very brave, Wormy and Owly might make some new friends and finally find the stars they have been searching for. The fun illustrations are drawn and inked by hand and painted using digital pastels. Beginning readers will thoroughly enjoy this tale told using only the artwork and a few words included as sounds an animal makes. Non-English speakers can understand the story, too.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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