Portlandtown A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes5stars



One Wild Adventure

By Rob DeBorde

St. Martin’s Press, $15.99, 375 pages

When the old Marshall buried the Hanged Man, he thought the man would stay dead forever. But when a gang of thieves dig up the body in order to steal an infamous gun, a mysterious, magical book of spells is also uncovered. Rob DeBorde’s Portlandtown tells the tale of a resurrected outlaw with a grudge. The old Marshall can’t seem to remember why he is digging up dead bodies, but he knows he must. The old man’s antics catch the attention of more than just ghosts and he is forced to move to Portlandtown with his daughter Kate and her family in hopes of starting a new life. But the old man’s past just can’t stay buried. A terrible storm blows just in time for the upcoming Rain Festival and the dead begin to rise. As the book’s characters are drawn together, suspense grows. In San Francisco, Andre Labeau (aka the Voodoo Cowboy) can feel a familiar evil power stirring. Driven to investigate, he travels to Portlandtown to discover who is now controlling the magical book and gun.

DeBorde combines a traditional Western story with a supernatural element. Zombies, pioneers, a blind man who can see and two curious twins take over the busiest town in 1887 Pacific Northwest.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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