The Emerald Atlas Book One (Books of Beginning)4stars



A Fun and Inventive Fantasy

By John Stephens

Random House Books for Young Children, $7.99, 420 pages

Kate, Michael and Emma P. have spent most of their lives bouncing from orphanage to orphanage. Abandoned by their parents ten years ago, they have come to only depend on each other. When they are moved yet again to a mysterious house under the guardianship of Dr. Pym, the children are certain that they are in the worst placement yet. However, when they discover a magical book, they unlock power they never knew they had and start finding answers both to their past and their future.

The Emerald Atlasis a wonderful new fantasy series for teens by author John Stephens. In it, he creates a world that is at once fantastic, mysterious and dangerous. The main characters are likable and feel real throughout the book. The supporting characters are also well-written and serve the story well. The plot is logical and well-paced and nicely sets up the next book in the series. Younger fans of fantasy will absolutely enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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