If it gets the kids to read. It’s worth it.

by David Borgenicht, Molly Smith, Brendan Walsh, Robin Epstein

Chronicle Books, $16.99, 144 pages

Sixty-three different events, places, or animals are featured in The Worst Case Scenario Survive-O-Pedia: Junior Edition. Each feature is covered in two pages that include: a sidebar on “How To Survive,” fast facts, a general overview, a bit of fun and/or weird information, photographs, and colorful (and usually silly) illustrations. Let’s just say that these pages are jam-packed full of quirky, helpful, and amazing facts.

Chances are, young readers won’t run into 90% of these situations: stampeding bulls, deserted islands, and quicksand won’t show up on the next school field trip or family vacation. So if you’re looking for a book to really teach your child survival techniques, this isn’t the book. This IS a fun book that will get your child reading. The Worst Case Scenario Survive-O-Pedia: Junior Edition allows children to enjoy a good scare as they read about asteroids, poisonous spiders, and spelunking. It will make a great addition to a classroom library where it will likely become dog-eared as students use it to further investigate things they read in a current events magazine or textbook.

Reviewed By Jodi M. Webb
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