Under Wildwood5stars



Adventure on the Portland Fringe

By Colin Meloy, Illustrations by Carson Ellis

Balzer + Bray, $17.99, 560 pages

Prue and Curtis are back with another knock out adventure inside and outside Wildwood, the not so mythical forest on Portland’s edge. Under Wildwood finds Curtis enmeshed in the bandit life while Prue makes a go of life with her family in outside world (St. John’s neighborhood). But, evil is afoot. When a shape shifter impersonates a schoolteacher, Prue is in danger. Rescued and flown back to Wildwood, Prue finds a calling from the North Wood she cannot refuse. Enlisting Curtis’s help, the half-breed children are off on another journey to save their friends, the woods, and themselves. New villains and new friends abound, all artfully woven into a story of good and evil that centers on Wildwood. Wonderful illustrations and thoughtful art layout by Carson Ellis augment the story nicely.

Reviewed By Lisa Ard

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