Wings of Fire The Lost Heir3 star




By Tui T. Sutherland

Scholastic Press, $16.99, 296 pages

The second in the series, Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir follows the dragonet Tsunami as she returns to her family in the kingdom of the SeaWings. And not just any family, Tsunami is the lost princess, one of Queen Coral’s few surviving daughters. But Tsunami’s grand return isn’t the perfect reunion she always hoped for. Life in the sea is more complicated than she imagined, both vicious and beautiful. If that weren’t bad enough, there’s a mysterious assassin killing Queen Coral’s children. And Tsunami might be next.

“Freedom smells a lot like fish.”

This book suffers from too much Tsunami and not enough of her fellow dragonets of prophecy, who spend most of the book off page. Tsunami learns invaluable lessons about what it means to lead and be a good ruler in this book, but learning is a process and she’s not always a likable character in the meantime, especially without the balance of her adopted siblings. These books really shine when all five dragonets are interacting. Even with the focus on Tsunami alone, the book is a fun read. The action is strong and well paced. The SeaWings kingdom is complex and beautifully detailed. Readers will be left eagerly awaiting the next book.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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