A Small Fortune A Novel5stars



Suspense, Betrayal, Intrigue and More!

By Rosie Dastgir
Riverhead Books, $25.95, 376 pages

From page one, A Small Fortune offers the reader suspense, betrayal, and intrigue. Jonathan, Celia’s husband, and Oliver, their son, head down to Mexico on a much-needed vacation. On her first day in Mexico, Celia runs into the handsome hotel gardener, Benicio, and her mind quickly wanders to an affair she ended 14 years ago. The next day during Celia’s run on the beach, Benicio finds her and tells her there has been an accident and to come quickly. He offers to take her back to the hotel. Lulled by his apparent friendliness and good looks, she gets into his car.  Unfortunately, he does not return to the hotel but instead to a home high in the hills where her kidnappers lock her up. As she pieces information together and learns that Benicio has been forced to help with the kidnapping, Celia learns that Jonathan has been less than honest in his financial dealing with his job as Vice President at a local bank. Benicio and Celia manage to escape to the jungle, but more danger awaits them. While on the run from the authorities, Celia must protect her son and figure out what other lies Jonathan has blamed on her.

Braun’s A Small Fortune will have you hooked from page one. Braun weaves a masterful tale almost too difficult to believe as you learn how stunned Celia is to absorb her husband’s deception. Be prepared to miss appointments, not eat, and forget the kids. You will not be able to put this book down to attend to the details of your life until you find out how this gripping tale ends!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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