Baby Animals Zoo on the Move4stars



A Cute Bundle of Baby Animals

By Kingfisher Editors
Kingfisher, $19.99

Books about animals are always a popular favorite with kids, and Kingfisher’s new bundle of books, Baby Animals: Zoo on the Move, should be no exception. This is a collection of small books that show animals of different groups, including those found at the zoo, on a farm, in the jungle, at night, and pets. Each of the books has great pictures, facts about each animal and a little quiz at the end, making it a more interactive and engaging reading experience for kids. What is fun about the books is that they include common animals like cougars, orangutans, turtle, zebras and the like but also lesser known animals including the tapir, pine martens and fennec foxes. The set of books comes in a cute cardboard box shaped like a truck which makes for easy storage as well. This collection of books would be great for younger children.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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