Beauty, Disrupted A Memoir4stars



Beyond Empowerment to Personal Renewal

By Carre Otis with Hugo Schwyzer
itbooks, $15.99, 324 pages

Despite the heavy nature of the material in Beauty, Disrupted by Carre Otis, the book is a refreshing read about the treatment and portrayal of women and the feminine in US society. The most important as well as the most enjoyable thing about it is its candor. Otis has been through a lot, and tells us not only what happened during her troubled childhood, career as a supermodel, abusive marriage to Mickey Rourke, and eating disorder, but reflects very openly and empathetically to move past pity and blame and show that personal renewal is possible. Otis uses her experiences as a springboard to speak out and work for societal and industry reform around body image and young women, without a trace of preaching or bitterness.

Reviewed by Sarah Alibabaie

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