Color Management A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers4stars



Color Wheel Designing

By John T. Drew & Sarah A. Meyer

Allworth Press, $19.95, 224 pages

Color Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers is every inch of what the description promises it to be. Color is something that is present all around us every day. Color can convey mood or tone, and derive particular feelings when managed correctly. As a graphic designer, it is key to be able to fully understand color, what it can do for you, and how to use it.

Color Management takes the reader through an academic look at color theory, contrast, depth, how to use color and printing, editing color and the use of color, as well as the behavioral implications of color. In addition to print information, there are corresponding diagrams and exhibits to further illustrate the point, including multiple examples on a theme but with slight variations across. The diagrams and explanatory images are broken down to its elements to allow the reader to observe and absorb the information, which is then followed-up with unfettered images to allow the reader to observe the principle in practice in a variety of images. The information, while packed in, is also surrounded by beautiful images which are eye-catching and interesting. More unusually, the book’s images utilize a blend of student work and professional work, most of which is different than the most commonly featured graphic design that we see all the time.

Color Management has a lot to offer the reader who is artistically-inclined. It should be noted that this book is very technical and reads much like a text book. Those who have an educational background in art and graphic design will be the ones to benefit the most from a book like Color Management.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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