Creating the Perfect Design Brief How to Manage Design for Strategic Advantage4stars




By Peter L. Phillips

Allworth Press, $19.95, 240 pages

“I don’t want designers to be taxi drivers. I want designers to be transportation consultants, respected for their expertise.”

Creating the Perfect Design Brief is essential reading for anyone in a design profession or responsible for managing design projects. The book is logical and easy to navigate with clear chapter headings and topic descriptions. It makes sense to read it end-to-end, but it can also function as a useful reference guide. Each topic explores a facet of the design process and the function of the design brief in that particular part of the process. For a relatively short book, each chapter is densely packed with real-life examples, quotes from industry experts and solid professional advice. In fact, the real value of this book is the depth of experience and wisdom shared by the author, Peter. L. Phillips. His thirty plus years of experience in the design arena is evident in the no-nonsense way he shares information and insight to demonstrate a point. Throughout this book, Phillips successfully argues the importance of the design process in the development of an effective business strategy. If you have one book on your shelf about the design process, it should be this one.

Reviewed by Julie Scott

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