Creative Strategy A Guide for Innovation3 star



Innovation Strategy Worth Considering

By William Duggan
Columbia University Press, $27.95, 165 pages

William Duggan teaches Creative Strategy at Columbia Business School, so it is no surprise that his book Creative Strategy is supported with tons of research. Duggan contends that the typical approach of brainstorming or analyzing the problem does not aid in creative outcomes. Instead, he believes there should be a three-step method which includes: breaking down the problem into parts, looking for past examples and creating new combinations. This will result in innovation really surfacing to the top. Duggan is also a proponent of creating an innovation team. Duggan provides an insight matrix, as well as, numerous real-life examples from a variety of well-known companies.

This reviewer enjoyed the reference chapter the best because it succinctly outlined the premise of Duggan’s innovation strategy in bite-size chunks. He identified the various actions in each of the three phases: rapid appraisal, what-works scan and creative combination. With his long list of sources Duggan’s methodology is certainly worth trying and potentially integrating into your currently organizational innovation initiatives.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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