Cut These Words into My Stone Ancient Greek Epitaphs5stars



A Short, Lovely Detour into Greek Poetry

Translated by Michael Wolfe
Johns Hopkins University Press, $24.95, 276 pages

Michael Wolfe’s Cut These Words into my Stone is not a long book, but its short pages have a great balance between education and emotionally touching poetry. The translator’s note, introduction, and chapter introductions are all deeply researched, but still accessible to a lay reader. The poems are printed one to a page, in both English and Greek. The epitaphs included in this book are carefully chosen, and they give a good idea of Greek life at all levels of society. The subjects of the poems are from all walks of life, from the very rich to the very humble, and even animals. Even though these poems are short in terms of amount of material, they provide a rich insight in to Greek life that is rarely discussed outside the classroom.

Reviewed by Katie Richards

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