Daisy, the Protector Dog5stars



Daisy to the Rescue

By Heather L. Nelson
Tate Publishing, $8.99, 22 pages, 5 stars

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how special the human-animal relationship can be; a dog often feels very protective towards its family. In Heather L. Nelson’s book Daisy the Protector Dog, readers meet Daisy, a dog who lives on a farm in the mountains. This sweet children’s book is told from Daisy’s point of view. She loves to protect and she has a lot to protect – horses, cows, chickens, sheep, a cat and her humans! She must scare away wild critters like marmots, bears, deer, coyotes and mountain lions. One day Daisy hears a yelp in the distance. After a serious investigation, Daisy finds a little dog stuck in a hole. It is the perfect time to help! Find out how Daisy uses her problem-solving skills to get her human brother, Buddy, to help rescue the new pup. What will Daisy’s family do when Daisy’s new pal gets home? Kurt Jones’ illustrations are crisp and colorful. Important lessons of love and devotion are reinforced on each page. Each book includes a code for e-LIVE, a downloadable audio book. Follow along as Daisy teaches readers about safety and friendship.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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