Dark Song





By Gail Giles
Little, Brown and Company, $8.99, 292 pages

Dark Song is about a young, adolescent girl’s story as her idealistic ‘family’ goes from picture perfect to a broken frame. Ames, a high-school student, describes the events of her family’s devastating financial crash and watches how they quickly fall apart before her eyes. Broken down, her family suddenly decides to move to Texas for a new start. Though the move is her worst nightmare, she begins to see the brighter side of things once she meets Marc, a 17-year-old who craves violence and thrill. With the taste of betrayal still stinging, she becomes closer to this dark, dangerous young man until it’s too late.

Dark Song is a thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat. An easy read, it touches on the dark side of adolescence and the struggles they face – in a more exaggerated tone – and the thoughts of a young girl as her world seems to fall apart at the seams. The main character’s voice is strangely audible; all you hear are the pleas and struggles of a young girl gone too far in the other direction. If you like dark thrillers mixed with teenage angst, pick up Dark Song at your local bookstore.

Reviewed by Taylor Pittman

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